The Anchor


Before we go any further, let’s take a time out.

Close your eyes and take a breath. One natural breath in and out.

Now repeat that 5 times. And open your eyes.

Ok, ready?

When we take moments like this and zoom out we can appreciate that this moment, the present, is all we really have. The past has gone, it’s slipped through our fingers and left. All thoughts about it are in remembrance and laced with nostalgia. The future hasn’t happened yet, we don’t know how it will play out, we don’t know if it’s full of joy or dismay. It’s pure speculation at this point.

Zooming out or stepping back can be incredibly powerful. The breath can be used as an anchor, and the process is more like diving inward. Anchoring ourselves in a moment where there is no anxiety, no bad feelings and no happiness to cling to. Just quiet space. Space to reset. Within these moments of quiet we can find pure focus.

Pure focus to listen.

That’s the power of the anchor.


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